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Fringe Review

Yesterday I took part in an interview  about my piece ‘Is It Yoppul? The Fate of Island Speech’

Listen to the Fringe Review here.


Forthcoming Installation


Next week I will be installing a work investigating the fate of the Isle of Wight dialect.

My practice is centered on discovering the locational identity of place, often by investigating the qualities of local materials. In this particular work, Is it Yoppul? The Fate of Island Speech, I use sound – the material of oral language – to depict current trends in the Island’s unique dialect.

The installation is part of the Ventnor Fringe Festival and includes photography by Tobias Penner. Find out more here.

Summer Shake-up

Over the summer months, I decided to shake up my practice a bit by trying something new. This something new happened to be quite the traditional medium of watercolour. Easily portable, my watercolour travel set and I took off to explore various beauty spots around the UK and Italy.  



Getting Reacquainted 

When I started this project about love, I thought that it would be a simple, but delightful task; drawing all the people I’ve ever cooked for. But of course there are people I no longer cook for. People who are no longer with us, people who I have fallen out of love with or people who have simply moved away and I see more rarely.

The difficulty though is that when drawing a person, I cannot help but remember them. This intimate act brings all kinds of memories of that person flooding back from the past; their mannerisms, their voice, our shared experiences – some delightful, some painful. A bitter sweet recollection. 

And although I feel the ache of missing them I am delighting in reacquainting myself with all the people of my past. Here are some lovely people, some I haven’t seen in over 10 years…but still not forgotten.